Thursday, December 2, 2010

A few days worth of catching up

I shall begin on Thursday.

Thursday afternoon, my wonderful parents came and took Elspeth away! This meant that Aidan and I were free to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary on our own. Lovely! This picture was taken by my dad, apparently Ellie was playing hide and seek in their wardrobe.

Aidan and I were free agents then until Sunday afternoon, when we took my parents a bag of lemons as ransom for our daughter.

Since then, I must say, she has been a huge pain the butt. She's been grizzly and upset, whinging about nothing or the smallest things. I'm sure it is, in part, our fault - we haven't exactly let her settle back down into a routine!

On Monday I started university. I'm studying online, at home, so it shouldn't have directly affected Elspeth, but quite possibly I paid her less attention than she is used to.

On Tuesday we had Andrew over for dinner, which was tremendously fun as usual, but it did mean we had Ellie up later than usual!

On Wednesday was my grandfather's funeral, so we had to take her on a long drive to the tedious event, followed by a long drive home again.

Today, Thursday, we had Mother's Group - shambles of a disorganised event that it was this week - so again her routine was interrupted!

I sincerely hope that tomorrow and the next few days will be boring and predicable, and that she will settle down again.

She is already seeming slightly better, she is amusing herself relatively quietly while Aidan sleeps prior to night shift.