Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bruised Baby

My poor little Elspeth is looking awful at the moment. She's so independent and exploratory, there is nothing I can do to stop her falling over and hitting her head on things. She currently has a large bruise on each cheek, and two huge ones on her forehead. She looks like she's being beaten up on a regular basis! Poor kid. She's also teething, and every little bump to her head makes her scream like she's being murdered, presumably because it jolts her mouth or simply adds to the pain she's already feeling. Where's my Magic Mummy Wand to make this all go away?!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Playgroup Thursday

It seems that a Thursday mummies meet-up is becoming a regular thing down at the Plaza. Sadly Samara couldn't make it this week, being ill, but we still had twice our normal number! Looks like I've started something. Elspeth is the only girl, and the only one who can walk, despite being a month younger than the oldest child there, Oliver. So she was the focus of many admiring glances and comments, from mums and bubs alike! A fun and exhausting day was had by all.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Rule

Elspeth is no longer allowed to play with my mobile phone. She just chewed the 'A' key off!

The Biggest Bang

Elspeth has been accident-prone today! All I've heard are thumps and bangs and cries from my normally well-coordinated child! But the biggest bang came, of all moments, when I was in the toilet doing number two. Oh, the yells! What could I do? Astonishing to think that a year ago such a course of action would have struck me as disgusting: I opened the toilet door, called her in to me, and picked her up to comfort her. Yes, while sitting on the loo. With a poop in the bowl. Charming! I cherish the hope that the overall experience was more beneficial (the hug) than traumatic (the circumstance).

The First Year, condensed!

The last year has been something of a rollercoaster ride - well, bits of it. Plenty of screams, some disorientation, but no arm-waving or safety bars. I refer, of course, to motherhood. Those of you who already know me will be aware that I've been a full-time, stay-at-home-mum to my little Elspeth for the last year, and those of you who don't are aware now!

Here is a quick list of Elspeth's milestones so far:

    At four months she was rolling over really well, and standing with assistance.
    At four and a half months she started regular solid food.
    At five months she played her father's bass guitar for the first time, and was enthusiastic about grabbing at our glasses and forks.
    At six months she was saying "da da" regularly.
    At seven months she was sitting up very well on her own, and also got a couple of teeth.
    At eight months she was doing a kind of commando-crawl.
    At eight and a half months she was crawling well, and pulling herself up to cruise around.
    At eleven months she was walking.
    Now, at twelve months, she is RUNNING, getting into everything, causing mischief, and generally taking up most of my time!
This blog, I hope, will document her further development and shenanigans!