Monday, November 8, 2010

Tonight's Giggly Madness

With our dinner tonight, Aidan and I had a salad. A big salad in a bowl that we could both pick at. So, I sat at one end of the couch, Aidan sat at the other, and the salad bowl was next to me.

Elspeth climbed up on the couch and started poking around in the salad bowl. Naturally I encouraged this, thinking she was showing signs of wanting to eat healthily.

But did she eat it? No.

She took bits out, one by one, and put them into Aidan's mouth. Feeding him. After each piece went into his mouth, she would be back at the bowl for another, and trying to feed him again before he'd even chewed the last piece! It was like a salad relay race! On the one occasion Aidan simply couldn't get another piece of vegetable into his mouth and utterly refused, Elspeth simply brought it back and fed it to me instead!

Much hilarity ensued. :)


  1. Parenting sure is fun!

    Most of the time. ;)

    She's a sweetie. You two have done well. :)

  2. Look at that nice green avocado. Yum.

  3. So gorgeous :) I wonder if she is trying to give you guys a messageto feed her faster at meal times too, haha. You watch, she will love salad soon enough. All my kids love their salads now. Before they would eat fruit salad, now they eat everything :)