Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Remember Sleep

I just wish Elspeth did! The last two nights have been something like awful. Don't get me wrong, once she's properly asleep, she stays that way. But last night it was nearly 10pm before she consented to slumber, and the night before... well, heaven only knows what happened there. She went to sleep as usual at 8pm, but awoke suddenly screaming at 9. She refused to be comforted or even held, and was arching her back (but controlled, not convulsing) and wriggling like crazy. We think she must have had a nightmare, and presently she just calmed down and went back to sleep nicely.

Today I was hoping she would agree to nap quite early, as we're going out this afternoon. But no. She's apparently not tired. So she probably won't get a nap at all today, unless she sleeps for 20 minutes or so in the pram as she occasionally does.

I never thought I'd be so focused on another person's sleep patterns and habits. But then I had a baby.

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