Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?

For the first time tonight, Elspeth has been put to bed without dinner. She has lately taken to refusing to eat her main course, secure in the knowledge that she will be given yummy dessert later anyway - I have done this in order to make her sleep through the night and not wake up hungry. However, that stops tonight. No more fussiness, no more games. If she doesn't eat dinner, she doesn't get dessert, and she goes hungry. It is a hard line to take, but I hope it will get her into good habits nice and early and discourage fussy eating. I do not have the patience for it, and I will not continue to offer her multiple meals or courses every night in the hope that she will eventually eat one. Do you hear my foot coming down? The foot is down. I have put my foot down.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life in the High Chair

It appears that life in the highchair is over. Elspeth is now completely refusing to eat while strapped into it; in fact she sits there yelling until I let her down. Now nothing will do but to sit in her very own chair at her very own (mismatched) table to eat her dinner.

She's been 18 months old for five days, and in those five days it seems like she's really made the transition from baby to toddler. It's been coming on for some time, but now I think it's complete. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Something Fishy

For a little while now I've been feeling somewhat bored with my home-based existence, and occasionally I come up with a gem of an idea to get me (and sometimes Ellie too) out of the house. Today's brilliant idea was the Melbourne Aquarium.

I really like the Aquarium. I like fish. I find the place, usually, soothing and calming.

But I forgot it's school holidays. The place was busy! I mean, totally crazy busy. The press and crush of the crowds meant that I didn't see very much, and poor little Elspeth saw even less. There was also an entire area (the whole upper floor) that we couldn't get to - we were turned away from the elevator, and the ramp was too crowded with people coming down for us to to get up.

However, we did get to see the sharks, and the "Oceanarium" was at least large enough that I felt comfortable stopping for a few minutes and letting Elspeth have a run around.

So, all in all, as much as I love the Aquarium, I would not go there again during school holidays. I might go again in a few weeks and we can just relax!

Friday, January 14, 2011

An Unexpected Career Choice

My daughter has turned interior decorator, and apparently my choice of home furnishings is inadequate to satisfy her tastes. It is now essential that almost everything in the house be covered in crayon scrawls, no matter if it be table, wall, chair, floor, or mum.

I suppose I must take a portion of the blame; I leave crayons out and I do encourage their use - although I've lost count of how many times I've said "Only on the paper, honey."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The first ponytail

Ellie doesn't usually stay still for very long - and certainly not long enough to do anything with her hair. But today, apparently wanting to imitate me, she wanted a ponytail and kept her head still for long enough for me to do this!

At some point Aidan has told her that ponies are just little horses, so now she's wandering around the house pulling at her ponytail saying "Neigh!" However, that hairtie has stayed in there for a remarkably long time - about ten minutes so far - so I think we're on a winner with ponytails.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Early mornings

YAAAWWWWNNNN. For a couple of weeks now Elspeth has been waking up at 8am or even later. It's been glorious. But yesterday and today have been early mornings and it sucks. She woke at 6.30 today. That ain't cool. Need more sleep! I might send Ellie off to my parents' place for a few days sometime soon; everybody seems to like that. In the meantime, I have assignments to finish... somehow...

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Elspeth is becoming adept at feeding herself with a spoon. She's getting her mouth more often, and spilling less. She still occasionally tries to speak with a mouthful, and wonders why food falls out.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ellie's Art - 7th Jan 2011

This is on the fridge now!

A Cold When It's Hot

Despite the 31 degrees of yesterday and the expected top of 34 today, Elspeth has developed the sniffles this morning. She seems quite happy, not at all upset about it, just a yucky snotty nose. She is perhaps a little tired, too.

Do you see that little bit of hair sticking out at the front? That's where I had to wipe snot out of her hair. And the less said about the beanbag, the better. Suffice to say, she throws herself face-forwards onto it all the time, and when there are boogers involved, it isn't pretty!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Remember Sleep

I just wish Elspeth did! The last two nights have been something like awful. Don't get me wrong, once she's properly asleep, she stays that way. But last night it was nearly 10pm before she consented to slumber, and the night before... well, heaven only knows what happened there. She went to sleep as usual at 8pm, but awoke suddenly screaming at 9. She refused to be comforted or even held, and was arching her back (but controlled, not convulsing) and wriggling like crazy. We think she must have had a nightmare, and presently she just calmed down and went back to sleep nicely.

Today I was hoping she would agree to nap quite early, as we're going out this afternoon. But no. She's apparently not tired. So she probably won't get a nap at all today, unless she sleeps for 20 minutes or so in the pram as she occasionally does.

I never thought I'd be so focused on another person's sleep patterns and habits. But then I had a baby.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Aidan and I don't celebrate Christmas. However, our parents do, and our daughter is too young to choose. So whilst the parental units agreed to keep it low key (just a barbeque in our backyard), they did lavish us all, and especially Elspeth, with unsolicited presents. This car and the sandpit in the background, for instance. Very nice, and she loves them, but next year we're cracking down on the No-Christmas rule!

Notwithstanding, we did have a lovely day, and it was great to have all the family together for once. I was only slightly frazzled, being unused to hosting more than one guest, and parental gifts of food were a much welcomed addition to the table!