Sunday, August 15, 2010

Broom broom!

I had hoped to delay this moment for about 16 years or so. But Elspeth has discovered the joys of cars already! She saw this little beauty sitting up on a shelf, pointed at it, and said "Car!" So what could I do but get it down for her to play with? We'll call it a kind of birthday present; she turns 13 months old today!

We bought her one of those backpack/leash things yesterday. I didn't really want to, but she's learnt to walk much sooner than I anticipated. I originally thought that by the time she was walking she would also be communicating and able to understand to stay close to me. But this is not the case! Her independence is growing faster than her common sense, so next time I'm down at the Plaza she will be harnessed to me with a cute doggy backpack!


  1. Independence growing faster than common sense? Get used to that one for the next 20 years. Can you hear me laughing and see my wry grin? MXXXX

  2. I absolutely LOVE those little backpack harnesses! Had a major discussion with a friend the other day who disagreed with their use. He thought they were chains whereas I see them as two metres of independence for a curious toddler plus a big help to Mum (especially if you have something else to carry or hold). He doesn't have kids so I won the debate!

    More importantly though, does Elspeth support Ford or Holden? Hehe :)