Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Elspeth's Sudo Adventure

It was a cranky day for the baby today. So while I was practicing piano this afternoon, I was very glad that Elspeth had clearly found something to play with which kept her quiet and happy. She was sitting right at my feet, but immersed as I was in Meat Loaf's Heaven Can Wait, I did not glance down for a while. When I did finally look down, I saw what it was that had kept her busy: she had found a tub of Sudocrem, a thick white ointment used for the treatment and prevention of nappy rash. She had been happily engaged in spreading said cream all over her face, hands, clothing, and the floor! I was going to photograph it, but felt that cleaning up was a bit more important! Instead I took a photo of the tub after she'd finished with it. Needless to say she required much cleaning and a complete change of clothes, about which she was not happy. However she did look lovely for my parents when they arrived very shortly afterwards!


  1. OMG! I know how thick that cream is... hahaha, funny Ellie! How DID you get it out of the carpet?
    Oh, and playing the piano, esp. Meatloaf..Uber cool! You must record it for me :)

  2. Cazzie, fortunately she was on the wooden floor! It wiped off the wood easily. There was a little bit on the wool rug, but since that's mine and doesn't belong to the rental property, I'm not overly concerned about the faint white patch left!