Monday, August 2, 2010


Poor little Elspeth must be feeling the tooth-pain pretty badly tonight. She's been grasping her jaw and cheek all day, and now I've put her to bed and she's just screaming, even after having some panadol. She even has a nice cold teething ring in the cot with her. I'm listening to her yell, watching the clock, waiting for either silence or the next time I should go in to comfort her. Yes, evil of evils, I leave my baby crying sometimes. End sarcasm. The poor girl has been in pain all day, and on days like this often just being hugged will make her feel better (or at least stop crying). Most of today hugs have worked; I try not to give her panadol too often. But in the evening before bed is my exception, because I do actually want her to sleep all night! ... Approximately 8 minutes after starting to write this, she does seem to be winding down - fewer screams, quieter, and more time in between. I think she's alright.